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My Journey


One day I woke up and asked myself: "What is my purpose, who am I ?."  So knowledge was the first thing I seeked. My search started out with a question to myself "why do I feel lost?" I work hard very day and it seems like I keep going in circles. The questions come one after another to myself. I felt overbeared and tired. At this point, I started working on myself; Body, Mind and Spirit.

    My journey has only begun, understanding there is a lot to learn. I've been taught intelligence is infinite, all we have to do is ask.  From health to every day life questions.  I came to understood I am my creator and I create my reality in this dimension.  Doing it through mediation, yoga and finding a good practitioner of energy.

      So I find myself today on my journey accepting the knowledge and understanding of life and its energy it provides for us. Crystals have become a part of my path. My Crystals are found by Mystic Ways and its crew. Mystic Ways Crystals are found with good intentions. Our mission is to bring good energy and understanding to others, all crystals have energetic properties mused for healing, protection and clarity in their life. Our crystals come from the United States. 


What are Crystals?


Crystals are  an energy life force that we can use on our journey. They can be used as an alternative way of healing, protection, and insight. Crystal should be respected just as you would respect yourself.

Vacations and Retreats


  If you like what you heard, Mystic Ways offers crystal hunting adventures and retreats. Mystic Ways retreats are held across the United States. Customize your retreats for individuals, group and Practitioner with their own groups. The trips range from Bed and Breakfasts, camping, cabins, houseboats and many more.  Our trips will educate you on the endless powers the crystal hold for us to use. Everyone leaves understanding the energy of the crystal. Travel to find Geode rocks with our crews. we also offer homemade jam.

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Mystic Ways

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Geode Rocks for sale. Our crystals are found by Mystic Ways crew.

 Geodes and Crystal are found by Mystic Ways and it's energetic crew. We cut and polish the crystal ourselves. There are no chemicals used in the process. 

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Mystic Ways offers Crystal and Geode adventures. The adventures are around the United States. Some of our favorite destinations are Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, Arkansas, North Carolina and South Carolina. See our calendar for more.

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Fundraisers and Testimoials


Mystic Touch Foundation fundraisers helps familys with no help, abused women and children and foster children. Our goal is to teach them self-love and synergy in an energic way with natural practitioners. 

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